Barbie Biryani: A Pink Twist on the Traditional Delight

A baker named Heena Kausar Raad has ignited a social media firestorm with her unique creation - Barbie Pink Biryani
This vibrant dish, featuring shocking pink rice and masala, is a stark departure from the classic, saffron-scented biryani known and loved by many.
large following on YouTube and Instagram, has served up her pink creation to the world, leaving netizens divided.
Many are intrigued by the secret ingredient that gives the biryani its eye-catching color
The dish has sparked online discussions and debates.
Some appreciate the creative departure from tradition, while others are skeptical.
Heena's pink biryani has created quite a stir in the culinary world.
It remains to be seen if this unconventional dish will become a new trend or remain a novelty.