Ram Temple: Exclusive Photo of 'Ram Lalla' in Ayodhya

The consecration ceremony for Ayodhya's Ram temple, the idol of Lord Ram
The idol, standing 51 inches tall and weighing 1.5 tonnes, depicts Lord Ram as a five-year-old child standing on a lotus, crafted from the same stone.
Pran Pratishta ceremony on January 22, led by PM Narendra Modi and priests under Lakshmikant Dixit.
The ceremony is set to begin at 12:20 pm and expected to conclude by 1 pm on January 22, according to Champat Rai, the temple trust's general secretary.
Ayodhya is adorned with vibrant flowers in preparation for the grand ceremony, with workers decorating the temple premises primarily with marigolds.
The Ayodhya Municipal Corporation is engaged in greening and beautifying a 24 km stretch along the Saryu River, between Sahadatganj and Lata Chowk under National Highway 28.
The process of hiring a contractor for a 5-year project to decorate and preserve the National Highway's middle and embankment slopes is currently underway.
The Ayodhya Municipal Corporation will provide easy-to-understand signage boards in both English and Hindi for enhanced guidance.
In anticipation of the consecration ceremony, several states have declared a holiday or half-day on January 22.